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What you give is what you get?

We all work so hard toward goals we create for ourselves. We need goals in our life. These goals keep us moving, keep us breathing… give us purpose. However, goals aren’t always within our reach, no matter how hard we work. Not reaching a goal does not make us a failure. We don’t always get out what we put in to something. It’s a fact of life. Once we come to terms with this, life becomes more fluid and easier to deal with. Sometimes, not reaching a goal is a blessing in disguise. Sometimes… it’s just meant to be that way.



Here’s the bad news: Many of us are tired. Tired of the rat race, our own personal lives… tired of being. Some of us are only tired physically. Some, mentally. Some, both.
Here’s the good news: What we tire of gives us clarity into what we really value. It shines a light onto what matters most to us. No one tires of something they truly love. We may become complacent, frustrated, or bored. We may play victim of circumstance. But, ultimately, what we love becomes a wellspring of hope… never a pool of exhaustion.